Sunday, October 21, 2012


To make music and be heard as an independent voice in classical music is challenging and yet rewarding. This blog shall chronicle some of our adventures!

We were in fact laughing recently about how to get a free ride of national and likely international publicity, had we got a piano delivered in front of a national broadcaster building, written a banner with slogans supporting some punk group and played a few Rachmaninov Preludes… Imagine the coverage! A call from Madonna, Sir Paul’s limousine… who knows?
But when a bus driver is in tears after a recital in a small venue, because he was touched by Bach played in style, it won’t make even the local news; however, this is the reward.

Let's start with some new tracks that likely won't be played on CBC Radio 2... Here is Debussy l'Isle Joyeuse from my CD Musique de France!
And also I added to my YouTube roster two Rachmaninov pieces freshly recorded:
- Four songs arranged for piano 2 hands by A. Alexandrov
- Etude-tableaux in E flat minor op.39 No. 5