Saturday, May 25, 2013

Play Me!

Coming back from my hometown Omsk via London Heathrow, I sacrificed to the rite of spring PR and played the white piano, coming up with my most moving performance yet. Thanks to a maintenance agent's kindness, this Lebrecht's Slipped Disc worthy moment was recorded for posterity:

However, nobody recognized me... Except an old guy, who thought I was Daniel Barenboim playing Chopin.

Post Scriptum May 27, 2013:

Case in point: an ironic video borne out of a minor blogging spat got full treatment that playing Bach in style, releasing Schnittke piano sonatas or playing inspired Rachmaninov “live” could not, QED.

Post Scriptum May 28, 2013:

Aside from Joplin' in an airport, I play a recital about every 6 months... From my May 20, 2013 recital in Omsk

Post Scriptum May 31, 2013:

And the story has legs of its own...

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